New York's repuation as a city of immigrants and big dreams is a part of me. I am Russo-American and my life-long goal is to create a start-up from one of my innovations.

If its one thing I am known for, it would be my drive. From the start of high school, I knew what I wanted to achieve, I saw what I needed to improve on, and I began working for it. To prepare myself for my future as tech-trepeneur, I load myself with sports, networking events, coding, building, leadership programs, and more.

I’m always flooded with questions regarding people, history, culture, opinion, and the rest of the world around me. I am curious about everything. A conversation in which someone can alter my perspective is the richest one. Even with technology, I am constantly researching the coolest innovations and am developing new projects that integrate them.

I love travelling and completely immersing myself into a foreign culture. Seeing what’s left of the deeply rooted history of countries in Europe and Asia is breathtaking. All of the castles, knights, dresses, robes, myths, and terracotta warriors are fairytale. adventures come to life.

Being realistic is a thin line between pessimism and optimism; it’s hard to maintain a good balance of both, but I try my best. I like looking at things for what they are. It helps me make fair and understanding decisions. Above all, I can see my faults and acknowledge them.

Ever since I came into high school I have been hyper aware of my actions and words, and what effect they have on people. My awareness also helps me better understand myself as a person. I appreciate understanding human psychology and I definitely excited to delve deeper in my college studies.

I am very decisive. I know what I like and I most definitely know what I don’t. This makes me meticulous and to others what may seem like a “perfectionist”. I don’t believe in being perfect, but I do believe in giving it my all.












I am Karina Popovich